New Big Bee Signing

Dougal Trump is making a come-back! The books are the creation of Jackie Marchant and were originally published by Macmillan. The hero of the books is an accident-prone schoolboy who makes a number of gaffes and keeps getting himself into scrapes which aren’t always his fault. Remind you of anyone? Picture clue below! (Boris Johnson holding the original Dougal book)

Because Wacky Bee feels there is room for only one D. Trump in the world, Dougal has changed his last name to Daley and is now being illustrated by the fabulous Loretta Schauer. It’s Not My Fault will be published in time for Bologna Children’s Book Fair (April) with the second book Where’s My Tarantula following in the Autumn. A brand new (previously unpublished Dougal) will follow in Spring 2018. These books will be Wacky Bee’s first ‘Big Bee’ titles and we are beyond thrilled to be welcoming Dougal, Jackie and Loretta into the WB stable. 

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